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Classes and Events…

For class information, see our Classes page; for matches and trials, click on Special Events; call our Fairfax County site information line 703-273-7619 #2; or 703-273-7619 #1 for Loudoun County site information.

Club Officers and Chairpeople…

Vice President:
Erich Rutscheidt
Maureen Taylor
Marion Lee
Karen Zelonis
Members at Large:Holly Hammerle
Clarissa Bergeman
Field Secretaries:
(questions about classes)
Ann Hereford (Leesburg)
Marie DeGeneste (Fairfax)
Agility Information:Field secretaries as above
Training Directors:(class scheduling)Michelle Jackson (Fairfax)Leslie McLean and
Suzi Dodson (Leesburg)
Librarian:Barbara Harding
Publicity:Elaine Maher
Newsletter Editors:Monica Patty & Maureen Taylor
Membership:Ken Ring
WebsiteAverill Ring