Fairfax Agility

Fairfax County agility classes…

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FRYING PAN PARK in the Equestrian Barn
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Agility classes are held for 6 weeks. Cost is $70.

Fall Agility

10/5/06, 8 PM – Beginner JWW Agility – Instructor Karen Zelonis begins 10/5/06

10/19/06, 7 PM – Intermediate JWW Agility – Instructor Mary Denigan-Macauley

Winter Agility

1/11/07, 8 PM Beginner JWW Agility – Instructor Karen Zelonis

Prerequisites for Agility at DGOTC Frying Pan Park Facility:

Beginner JWW Agility: Dogs must be friendly, be able to heel without pulling, and provide their handler adequate attention while working. Reliable recalls and Sub-Novice obedience experience preferred. This is an introduction for dogs new to agility or for dogs that need more obedience prior to attending the Intermediate or Advanced classes.

Intermediate – Advanced JWW Agility: Dogs must have
graduated from Novice obedience and have good off lead control. Dogs must
have taken at least one beginner agility class prior. Dogs must be well behaved, well socialized, and friendly for off lead work.

JWW= Jumper’s With Weaves; no contact obstacles

All classes subject to instructor availability

Class registration forms are available by email or download (pdf file)

Please register at least two weeks before classes start!

Mail registrations to Marie DeGeneste
Field Secretary, FPP Classes
1520 Coat Ridge Road
Herndon, VA  20170

DGOTC offers agility classes at Frying Pan Park for the fall (beginning in October) and winter (beginning in January) sessions only. They are held inside the equestrian barn. Agility classes are held year-round at our Loudoun facilities.